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Pray for Our Local Communities

Yale Officials

Scott Gill, Mayor

Ashley Aldea, City Clerk
​Paul Williams, Treasurer

Brenda Krzak, Council Member

Pat Robbins, Council Member

Anthony Hackett, Council Member

Sherri Knecht, Council Member

Jeff Meharg, Council Member

Karen Schneck, Council Member

John Osborn, City Manager

Thomas Schlicting, Assessor

Shannon Preister, Utility Biller

Croswell Officials

Mike McMillan,​ Mayor

Samuel Moore, City Administrator/Zoning

Rob Butler, Mayor Pro-Tem

John Geiger, Council

Mary Willis, Council

Donald Maury, Council

Sue Dobson, Clerk/Cemetery

Susan Vallee, Treasurer

Dave Hall,  Police Chief

Mark Vincent, DPW/Cemetery

Tim Niggemeyer, EMS Director

Steve Bales, Fire Chief

John Peck, Electric/Water

Barbara Cutcher, Assessor

Peck Officials

John Cook, President

James Barron, Council

Jean Burns, Council, Zoning

Richard Huntington, Council

Bernice Williams, Clerk

Sheryl Ernst, Treasurer

Anthony Sykora, Attorney

Lilia Cook, Assessor

Richard Woodruff, Police Chief

Larry Cook, Public works

Marvin Longuski, Streets

Lowell Kussrow, Parks

Jackie Woodruff, Public Info

  • Pray for our many small businesses as they struggle though the uncertainties of this time.

  • Pray for our churches as they strive to find creative ways to meet and reach the lost. Pray they are a beacon of hope in this time.

  • St. Clair County has seen a total of 342 cases of the coronavirus and 22 deaths and Sanilac County has seen 38 cases with 5 deaths. Though we can be thankful that is is not as bad as other areas continue to pray for those that are suffering and their families.

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