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  • Pray for our elected officials and their burden to make choices that affect the entire state. Pray for God’s leading and that their hearts will be turned to God.

  • Pray for our businesses. This current state of shutdown has put strain on many of our businesses. Pray that they will be able to reopen. Pray for the many thousands that have been laid-off .

  • Coronavirus, In total, Michigan has 44,397 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 4,179 deaths (MLive). Pray for those that are suffering with the virus and the families that are dealing with the medical strain and loss of family members.

  • Pray for our school system as they try supply distance learning for the kids and look to the fall and what impacts this will have on the 20/21 school year. Also pray for those that are graduating and missing out on many opportunities.


  • Pray for our churches. Pray that God will lead them to find new creative ways to meet the needs of their people and reach the community. Let them be a beacon of light in the troubled time. Continue to pray for their financial situation that the Covid19 situation has put them in.

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